Friday, July 25, 2014

I’ve moved!

So, it’s official. I’ve moved to a new blog address! I am SO excited to be starting a new chapter as I broaden my scope and add vlogging (omg) to my repertoire!

If you have a google account, I’d LOVE IT if you subscribed to my YouTube channel so we can continue to keep track of each other!

Chat soon,

xo, Suzie

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

ALL of Me

So, for the past few weeks I’ve been trying to figure out exactly how to describe what my YouTube channel, and the newly named “suzieTV" episodes are going to be like. It’s been so difficult! Every “How to Start a YouTube Channel” video and article out there has been telling me that I need to have some sort of theme. A focus. But I am not a “themed” or “focused” person! I am interested in SO MANY THINGS!!

I read somewhere once, (and it instantly made me feel so much better about my fragmented interests,) that the whole concept of specialization is a fairly new one, introduced during the industrial revolution as a way of making the population more efficient, and thus, making more money from them. Before that though, people generally lived very broad-skilled lives. Everyone did their own baking and washing and shoe repair and dressmaking. They all knew how to mend fence posts and milk cows. Grow gardens, farm, build furniture and houses, and were, pretty much, self sufficient!

I completely understand and prefer this approach to life! I mean, I know I do have an “area of specialization”, clustered around the apparel/textile industry (which I ADORE), but, I am also intensely interested in local and Canadian history, and in my own family’s history! I love urban planning and re-development, and would love to get into urban property development somewhere down the line, while simultaneously being fascinated with the idea of building a stone cottage in the woods and raising sheep to produce my own wool! I want to learn how to bake the perfect loaf of bread and how to produce the best fashion show anyone’s ever seen! I want to understand the basics of computer coding, AND how to execute the perfect row of box pleats on a curved and slanted seam. And I want to write a dressmaking textbook. AND a novel.

And I don’t understand why I have to choose one thing or the other in order to be marketable! People are intelligent. They understand that a person is more than their job, and that every experience changes them, and every day you wake up a slightly different person than you were yesterday.

So I think that that’s the premise behind the YouTube Channel (and eventually this blog as well, there’s a name change in the works :-D). It’s going to encompass... ALL of me! Whatever I’m working on, whoever I meet, whatever I discover, and whatever major changes come my way. Much more like a diary.

I’m hoping that using video will help in reminding the world that I am, in fact, a person. Not just a style blog, not just a clothing brand, and not just some account you’re following on twitter. A person, a human, changes. They are who they’ve been created to be, but they evolve, try things, and just as often, if not more, that it works, things you try fail! And that’s just fine!

Life is so interesting! And no one can know for sure where they’ll end up (good thing it’s about the journey!). So I’ve made the decision to actively open myself up to my own humanity, (cheesy, and slightly self important as that sounds haha!) rather than limit myself to some narrow definition of “what I do”.

I hope you’ll enjoy coming along as much as I’ll enjoy sharing!

From ALL of me, to ALL of you,


P.S., Here’s the latest YouTube update!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

"Screen Test"

This is too weird. I posted my first ever YouTube video last night, and now, having slept on it...


My self imposed “screen test” was pieced together from the hour of footage I took, of myself, randomly saying things into my webcam about what came to me as I was thinking about what form the channel was going to take. (whew! mouthful.)

I learned A LOT. Not least of all, how to edit video! Which has been on my list for a while. And it’s so incredibly informative to watch what you look/act/sound like like on camera! I had no idea that I touched my hair that much for example! Or that holding my hands next to my face made it obvious that I wanted to grow my nails out longer! Or that my eyeliner was different on each eye haha! If no one ever watches any of these, it’ll still be worth it to me. Learning how other people see you when you’re talking to them is pretty invaluable. I also learned that an hour of filming is my limit haha! At least for the first time out.

Anyhow, I can’t wait to get started with episode one! I have this abstract, indescribable idea of what I want the show to be in general... But, it’s still pretty vague. You’ll know as soon as I do! Once I figure that out, I’m hoping to have a video posted within the next two or three weeks :-)

In the mean time, watch the video (it’s only 6 minutes), give it a “like” (if you like, haha!) and if you have any suggestions as to what you’d like me to talk about/do on the show, I’d love to hear them!

Talk soon!


Thursday, May 15, 2014

Internet Showtime


As part of the evolution of this blog, I, who have never used a webcam, OR ever edited any video ever in my life, have decided that I want to host and produce an internet show.

Ridiculous, right?

I’m right there with ya. But I’m doing it anyway!

My absolute favourite posts to do are interview posts like THIS ONE, and also THIS ONE. And one of the things I’m hoping the show will be able to do is add another layer to future interviews :-D Let me know if there’s someone you REALLY want to know more about and I’ll do my best to convince them to participate!!

Soooo, yeah! Be sure and subscribe! I’ll be posting clips from the first ever time I worked up the nerve to speak (TO NOBODY) into a webcam as soon as I can figure out how to use iMovie. It is sure to be painfully entertaining.

Talk (literally) soon!



Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Still Thinking, Thinking, Thinking


More of a diary-style blog... Covering topics like local history, local fashion history, local current fashion people and events, fashion construction/dressmaking, textiles, and all my various other projects, including... some small town road trips tracing my family history!

I think I’d really enjoy writing it, even if no one read it. But perhaps that’s the point.



Saturday, March 1, 2014

Thinking Thinking Thinking

As the title of this post, and the photo above suggest, I’ve been doing some thinking. A lot in fact. For a long time. About blogging, and what I REALLY care enough about to dig into and share.

I think I have an idea where I’d like to go... and while it’s working itself out in my brain, and while I get into busy busy mode preparing for fashion week (new collection AND my organizational role with WCFW), A Clean, Well-Lit Style Blog is taking a vacation.

Do not fret however, nineteen people who read this, I LOVE blogging and have zero intention of quitting! I promise I shall return before long with much more specific and focused content. (Lets be real, I’ve been all over the map here!) In the mean time I’ll continue to be active on facebook and twitter, so if you want to chat, you can find me there :-)

Also in the mean time, I’d love to get some feedback from you (all nineteen of you!) about what sorts of things you think a creative, fashion-y, sewer-type person should be blogging about! Do you want DIY posts? Do you want behind the scenes? Outfit posts? Send me an email, comment on this post, or post on/message me via facebook or twitter and let me know :-)



Friday, February 14, 2014

Event - February Repairathon Cancelled

Bad news bears guys. Sunday’s repairathon has been cancelled due to a lack of volunteers. If you’d like to join the ranks for next time, you can email Kate at

REALLY though, it works out okay, because I totally put the wrong year on the poster anyway. :-S Ooopsy.