Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Outfit Post / Interview with Adam Wilson

I have a little Twitter-crush on Twitter-famous local writer Adam Wilson, aka @theleanover. A few days ago, he agreed to let me meet him in real life, ask him questions, and stand in the cold for photos in exchange for pancakes.


s: Hi Adam.

a: Hello.

s: What made you decide to join Twitter?

a: I was watching The View one July day in 2010 in a feverish delirium. This, in combination with just having started to take creative writing, poetry, and French classes, made it seem like a good idea. Only having a certain number of characters to get your point across is a great writing exercise.

s: How did you come up with @theleanover/what does it mean?

a: It’s from a song called “The Leanover” by an extinct Scottish band called Life Without Buildings. Their only album, Any Other City, is probably my favourite album ever.

s: Will you ever quit?

a: No way. Twitter has opened up a world of opportunity for me. It’s gotten me an invite to fly to LA to hang out with the writers of The Simpsons! I’ve also been asked to write a sample Modern Family script for HBO Canada, and doing fund-raising via Twitter enabled me to study with Nobel Prize winner, poet Derek Walcott in the Caribbean.

s: What was/is your major in University?

a: English. I’m a little burned out on academia lately. I’ve had the opportunity to visit the production offices of The Simpsons and Family Guy and meet a lot of professional writers and I’ve decided that the smartest people in our society actually work for The Simpsons. They’re very nice, very educated, and their work has a major impact on society and I’d like to focus on doing that soon.

s: What’s your life’s ambition?

a: To move to LA and be TV writer.

s: What’s your favorite kind of granola bar?

a: Those Nature Valley chewy almond butter bars

s: How do you feel about the fact that Edmonton is finally, officially, getting a new downtown arena?

a: Edmonton has a bit of a history of getting manipulated by developers. Just look at what happened with City Centre Mall. I think this’ll more than likely be the case yet again. And the location is a bad idea. A huge development there will just undo a lot of the good that’s been done recently in the re-vitalized 104th St. area. The good news is that the arena will likely shift a lot of future development into The Quarters project.

s: Describe your personal style.

a: Any style I have is accidental. I dress for comfort. I prefer to invest in cool and slightly eccentric accessories like glasses and iPhone cases, and get the rest of my wardrobe from the sale rack. Thank god writers get to be eccentric.

s: How awesome is my early 90’s, cropped peach blazer?

a: It reminds me of Marge Simpson’s Chanel suit from the “Scenes From The Class Struggle In Springfield” episode. It’s one of the best things that has ever been on television.

s: Why the enormous beard?

a: It doesn’t look good when it’s short. When I was 18 and 19 I would shave everything except the goatee zone. And when I was 20 I realized a full beard would be better. Now I’m growing it out to “Russian author” size.

s: Are you a hipster?

a: It’s so funny because when I was in Williamsburg last year, which is the hipster neighbourhood in Brooklyn, I totally didn’t look like I fit in. “Hipster” is a catch-all term for “young people in urban environments” and I think that in the last 6 years of its presence it has changed and diversified a lot. I think people should leave the kids alone!

s: You write poetry.

a: Yes I do. Read me HERE and HERE.

s: Can I please post a link to your OK Cupid profile for the benefit of all the girls who just suddenly realized how blue your eyes were when they found out that you write poetry?

a: Okay, but fair warning: a lot of my profile was taken straight from the Restoration Hardware’s website descriptions of furniture. 

{Click HERE to fall in love with Adam.}

s: You post a lot of photos of your dogs. What are your dog’s names?

a: Eddie, Groucho, and Hawkeye (M.A.S.H., not Marvel)

s: You tweet a lot about how you live with your mom. How do you like living with your mom?

a: School is expensive, and with all the opportunities I have to travel for my writing, it does the trick. Plus it’s nice to have the opportunity to get to know my mom and sister as adults and to be there for them.

s: Can I come over and have dinner with you and your mom sometime?

a: Haha! Sure, that’s weird, but my mom would love it.

s: Awesome. Do you have anything else you’d like to say?

a: I wish more people knew I was twitter-famous.

s: Thank you for answering all of my hard-hitting, super journalistic-sounding questions.

a: You’re welcome. This was one of the strangest things I’ve done but I enjoyed it and I think you did an excellent job. I hope everyone you ask to do this says yes!


Photos by Anjuli Macasinag

Sweater: Old Navy
Cords: Sale rack at The Bay
Glasses: Warby Parker
iPhone case: Goodlen, solid walnut
Shoes:  Doc Martins
Manicure: Mother nature

Blazer: Tokyo-Style SW, Vintage 
Top:  Body Bleu, Thrifted
Sweats: Lady Footlocker, Vintage
Clutch:  no label, Vintage
Shoes:  Cougar, Vintage
Manicure: Essie, Devil’s Advocate

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