Thursday, June 20, 2013

Event - Loved. A Fashion Bargain Event / Interview With Creator Alison Altena

Something awesome this way comes (haha) to Orange Hall on Saturday! Alison Altena, a fabulous fellow WCFW volunteer (now friend) that I’ve worked with for three seasons now, is hostessing Loved. a fashion bargain event. She graciously took the time this week to let me play reporter and answer a few questions.


s: Hi Alison! You’re putting on a fashion fundraiser that involves SHOPPING on Saturday! Can you tell us a little about it and about yourself?

a: Loved takes place this Saturday, June 22nd, from 10am-4pm at the Strathcona Orange Hall, 10335-84th Ave. (such a lovely little historical gem) The event is pretty much a one-time consignment sale, with 100% of proceeds going towards the arts, music, and fashion programs at iHuman Youth Society. I've invited people from all over Edmonton to donate gently worn clothing, shoes, and accessories that will be sold to raise funds. All pieces will be priced under $10. Cash sales only.

s: How did you come up with this idea?  

a: I was going through my closet and had a ton of stuff I didn’t wear anymore. I considered doing a clothing swap with friends or donating items to charity. Then I thought, how can I make this more fun? Thus, the fashion sale!

s: What made decide you wanted to take on a project like this? Seems like it might be a lot of work to organize...

a: I can be incredibly impulsive and when I thought of the idea I could not stop planning it or talking about it. I created the Facebook and Twitter pages and had a lot of interest right off the bat. I was inspired by Make Something Edmonton and wanted to do something to give back to the city that has been my home for the past five years. The hardest part has been storing all the clothes; I have random bags all over my apartment, friends’ houses, and my parent’s place.

s: Why ihuman?  

a: I first learned about iHuman through my best friend, who was studying social work. She gushed about the amazing things they do so I had to look it up for myself. When I found out they have arts, music, and fashion programs I was so excited. I just think iHuman is so novel – offering crisis intervention and support to high-risk youth while also helping them pursue avenues of creativity.

s: So you're doing something pretty exciting! You're moving to Vancouver to go to fashion school! You're a nurse! Nursing is a very respectable career path. Why the change of heart?

a: I completely love my nursing job right now, but I also have a huge love for fashion. I always have. It just wouldn’t be right if I went through life without studying fashion. I plan on doing both out in Vancouver. My sweetheart will be going to school out there too, so everything kind of fell into place.

s: What sort of projects can we look for from you in the future? Do you want to get into designing?  

a: I am into styling. Roll me racks of clothes and I will dress you in a fabulous outfit for any occasion. I think I definitely have the vision for designing, but I am terrible at sewing.  

s: Would you like to come back to Edmonton when you graduate?

a: If winter decides to lighten up, I’ll think about it.

s: What time should we be there on Saturday?  

a: Anytime from 10am-4pm. Seriously, all the items are a steal of a deal. There are Coach bags, Anthropologie beauts, trendy tops and dresses from Forever 21 and H&M. Not to mention pretty much my fabulous sister’s entire wardrobe.

s: Will there be snacks?  

a: But, of course! Cookies, squares, cupcakes and more!

s: Thank you Alison! You're awesome. The Edmonton fashion (and nursing) crowd, and especially the WCFW team is really going to miss you. But before we cry, we’ll see you Saturday!


For more info about this event, visit the Loved FB event page, twitter feed, and the Make Something Edmonton website. More info about the iHuman Youth Society is available on their website.


  1. Thanks ever so much for the heads up! I didn't know about this but now will be going. Sounds super fun indeed!

    1. Thanks for the comment Joelle! Glad to be of service :-)