Saturday, January 4, 2014

Studio Shot of the Day - Pattern Matching

Basting to achieve perfect pattern matching
Today I’m working on making a summer dress out of a piece of fabric that I got during my trip to the Reuse Centre in November. (Don’t worry, I washed it first, as always!) There’s going to be a little patch pocket on the bodice*, and I wanted to be sure the pattern matched up perfectly, making the pocket (almost) invisible. Little details like that are how you can tell if you’re buying a quality, handmade garment by the way. Perfect pattern matching is pretty difficult to find in cheap, mass produced clothing.

The best way to match pattens when attaching a pocket, is to baste* the pocket in place by hand before sewing it on the machine, then removing the basting stitches. Perfect results every time.

I’ll be sure to post photos of the dress when it’s finished!


P.S., In case you were wondering...

*A basting stitch is defined as: a loose temporary sewing stitch to hold layers of fabric together,


*A bodice is: the part of a woman's dress (excluding sleeves) that is above the waist.

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